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Clinical hypnotherapy often gets a bad reputation because of its confusion with stage hypnosis. People often fear what they do not understand, so our primary goal is to insure a client understands the truth of how hypnotherapy helps clients change their unconscious mind.   

Two Approaches to Sports Psychology

The goal of a sports psychology coach is to optimize performance and enjoyment through the use of psychological skills and the use of psychometrics and psychological assessment. There are different approaches that a sports psychology coach can use while working with clients. The first is the social-psychological approach focuses on the social environment and the individual's personality, and on how complex interactions between the two influence behavior. The second, which we at Noetic Coaching utilize is the psycho-physiological approach which focuses on the processes of the brain and their influence on physical activity. Within this methodology we utilize the cognitive-behavioral approach which analyzes the ways in which an individual’s thoughts determine their specific behaviors.

Athletes, entertainers and poker players have one major thing in common, they are never sure of their next payday. An athlete may get that big salary, that they mentally assume will go on for ever. Depending on their sport, athletes may not have a guaranteed salary and even if they do, the average career in most sports is short. An actor may go long periods of time between roles, a singer may have only one hit single and a poker player may go on a long dry spell. Handling these financial swings is one area a lifestyle coach assists their client. Balancing out an unhealthy lifestyle is another area where the benefit of a coach is evident.  Improved lifestyle choices can also improve the athletes performance, the actors roles and a poker player’s game.

Mental Mindsets are those habits embedded deep in our unconscious mind that impact our lives in both positive and negative ways.. Through the use of hypnosis and NLP we are able to alter those mindsets in ways that improve our lives. .  

NLP is another tool brain-based coaches use that is not always understood by clients. For over 40 years the concepts pioneered by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Noted Lifestyle Coach Tony Robbins, based his Unlimited Power on the constructs he learned from Bandler and Grinder in the early days of NLP. NLP is another tool we use when assisting a client in altering their unconscious mind.    

"Fame you'll be famous, as famous as can be, with everyone watching you win on TV, Except when they don't because sometimes they won't."

- Dr. Seuss

There are numerous methodologies available to coaches depending on the needs of a particular client. These methodologies are used individually or in combination to develop the best assistance for each client: